Sunday, February 28, 2010

Update on "The System"...

Well, things are actually going pretty well, considering. I have done some tweaking. The girls work great with their chart, but the boys who are non-readers don't. So, I pulled out an older system and gave them chore packs. These are nifty little plastic pockets that clip onto them. Inside are picture to depict the job they have to do next. When it is completed, they move it to the back. This works GREAT for Kevin. He loves chore packs. I have ordered a more hands on and hefty visual for Kaiden, who found the chore packs hard to handle. So, we may have three different visuals going on depending on the age. In the end, it is the same system. They must complete their jobs in the time given, do a good job of them, and do them with a happy heart to earn a bean.

I have found that I am the problem in any system. The kids actually do great when I am on board and get them going in the morning. Unfortunately, if I have a hard night or what ever and don't head up the plan for the day, they completely forget the charts, etc. and do nothing. I guess I am living in La-La Land for hoping that they would still wake up and go get their charts. So, once again, I am learning the very hard lesson of self discipline that I so want my children to have. So, on the days that we DO the system, our house runs well. Every other day, though, the house falls apart and I don't even remember the charts until mid-afternoon. Hopefully, we are all growing in this area, and we will start having more on days than off in our week.

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